Full-color Invitation Designs

I’m enjoying creating full-color invitations that are moderately-priced. One of the printers I use now offers full-color digital printing on two sides of a card, and my customers are making good use of this option. This is a new design I created using a watercolor illustration of a tallis. If you’re looking for invitations, lookContinue reading “Full-color Invitation Designs”

Crafts of Colrain Summer Fair

Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy will be showing and selling work along with other Crafts of Colrain artists at this Summer Fair. It’s a great chance for an outing that combines art with local fruits and vegetables. The farmstand sells prepared food as well. I will offer this collaborative work, Vegetable Seasonings, made with Audrey Arner,Continue reading “Crafts of Colrain Summer Fair”

Recognition Awards

I designed a series of recognition awards with English and Hebrew texts for Denise Hametz, of Adir Gallery. Theses are ordered by congregations and organizations to honor volunteers, officers, donors and others with a meaningful gift. Shown here is one of the awards, which is personalized with text added on either side of the treeContinue reading “Recognition Awards”

International Calligraphy Conference

This year’s internat’l calligraphy conference, Odyssey 2010, will be held in Easton Massachusetts this summer. I’ll be teaching a class in Hebrew/Yiddish calligraphy. I will teach the basic elements of Hebrew letters that I learned from Ismar David, and we will also create alphabet styles inspired by Yiddish book titles, etc. from the first partContinue reading “International Calligraphy Conference”

Sand and Stars Invitation

This is an invitation created for the parsha “Vayishlakh,” when Jacob is promised that his descendants will be as numerous as the sands of the sea. The design includes that verse, the sand and the sea, and, referring to the earlier promise to Avraham, that his descendants will be uncountable like the stars in theContinue reading “Sand and Stars Invitation”

New! Three-Color Designs

One of the invitation printers I use offers a three-color digital printing process: two ink colors plus the color of the paper (white or ecru) to make up the design. The pricing is comparable to other printers I use.   Here is an example of an invitation set I designed for this process. I’ll be schedulingContinue reading “New! Three-Color Designs”

Ready to order invitations?

 Most of the invitations that I produce for customers are custom designs. Even if it is based on a design already in my collection, there is usually some customization that goes into the final product. It can be a smooth process, and the following pointers will help you get started. 1) The invitation will conveyContinue reading “Ready to order invitations?”