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Our COVID Year

This year gave us many challenges. We decided for the most part not to open our studios and focus on our on-line options to reach people with our art and craft work. The results were mixed, and it gave many of us the push to improve or expand our on-line presence. I have an Etsy shop, design, and added many items to that, and worked on learning to use Instagram, @phd_design. I’ve been using it to show my work, my process, and inspiration from life. I like that it is so visually oriented. I’m also learning better how to work on my web site.

This has been a time of growth for me in unexpected ways. First, I’m so grateful for the continued health of my family and friends. People in our part of Western Mass. have been careful about preventing COVID infection, and we depend on the Franklin Community Co-op and Foster’s for grocery curbside pickup. Second, with a backdrop of the terrible choices and situations in which so many people find themselves, I feel so fortunate to be in such a beautiful place as Colrain, with its wide open spaces, beautiful landscape, and supportive community. The one thing we are still waiting for and expect within the next year is to have a fiberoptic network, so that all of the on-line work we do will be more efficient and reliable.

I give each person reading my words a wish for health and comfort and send out my prayers for a healthier, fairer world for all in 2021.

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After helping with a teen program that featured history of garment workers and “upcycling,” making things out of old clothes, this has become renewed interest of mine. There are many websites showing ideas of things to make. Pockets from old jeans is a favorite item of mine to use. I began to make yarmulkes fromContinue reading “UPCYCLE!”

Gallery Photos

Here are more items from our gallery. New this year: four magnet designs: Earth Hamsa, Garden Hamsa,the Bridge of Flowers of Shelburne Falls from a colored pencil drawing, and the Shelburne Falls trolley, photo by Joe Kurland. $2.00 each. The Shelburne Falls drawing can be seen behind the magnets on a card, $7.00, framed babyContinue reading “Gallery Photos”


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