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Pocket Invitation Number 1

March 9, 2012

Shown here: pocket folder with invitation attached; four insert cards: rsvp, directions, brunch, evening party; tab on flap shown upper left, rsvp envelope lower left.

This is the first pocket invitation set I designed. As I was the customer, I made it a rather complex project. This included using for the first time a letterpress printing set that I got in the spring, a small model that sits on the table. I lettered the text, drew the border, and had a plate made to use with this press. I found that applying the ink takes practice. I love the look of the impression in the paper. I used that for the invitation cards, which were adhered to the folder. The other items also used my lettering and design, but were printed by a commercial invitation printer, I was wise enough to know I wouldn’t have time to hand-press each item. They were then all assembled, some of them using more insert cards that others, depending on whether they were out-of-town guests or not, and put into the envelopes which we addressed using our computer printer. It was a great learning experience, and a pleasure to create.



February 12, 2012

If you’re looking for truly custom invitations or announcements, look at my website or give me a call. 

413-624-3204  –

Now on Zazzle

February 6, 2012

I’ve just started posting art for sale in various forms on
The address of my store is
If you have a request to purchase a particular piece of my art on a particular item, let me know and I can prepare it. Thanks!


February 6, 2012

The invitation season has begun. I had a great session with a customer–the whole family–for a bat mitzvah invitation. The photo shows the table with all the materials we referred to for this project. It is always a fascinating process which is at first overwhelming, but the preferences become clear soon enough.

While I work with customers all over the country, thanks to the internet, phone and mail, it is great to meet in person. I’m glad to be able to offer this to those in the Greenfield-Shelburne Falls-Amherst-Northampton area, as well as to those in Western Mass., Connecticut and Vermont who are able to travel here.

Invitation albums set out for browsing

Pocket Invitations

February 6, 2012

Pocket invitations are so appealing, providing a neat packet which holds the invitation on one side and all of the smaller insert cards of an invitation sets in a pocket on the other side. This packet goes into an outer mailing envelope. Pricing will vary depending on how many cards there are in the set and whether or not I provide original art for it. $600-1200 would be an approximate price range for 100 invitation sets with this pocket format depending on the choices you make.


Pocket album open on lower left; pocket invitation I produced this summer on right.

Full-color Invitation Designs

January 12, 2011

I’m enjoying creating full-color invitations that are moderately-priced. One of the printers I use now offers full-color digital printing on two sides of a card, and my customers are making good use of this option. This is a new design I created using a watercolor illustration of a tallis. If you’re looking for invitations, look at my website to see examples of ones I’ve created. Then contact me to talk over your ideas.

Click on the link to Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy in the right margin.

Lunch box/Bento box–Found!

January 12, 2011

My sister gave me a stainless steel bento box when my son was young. I think she got it in Taiwan when she was studying T’ai Chi there. A bento box is a single container or one divided into sections for carrying a meal, used in Japan and other countries. When he started preschool, it was used daily for his lunches. That pleased me, as I was always searching for non-plastic alternatives for food containers. Later, with two children, I looked for another one. I found other parents with similar concerns who had started websites about healthy lunches and containers ( I found out that the term bento box is used as a metaphor as well, for something with varied content, and more. However, no one had these stainless steel boxes.

In the meantime I did find reusable sandwich bags by SnackTaxi ( in the Linden Hills food co-op in Minneapolis, where I used to shop when I lived in an apartment near Lake Harriet. To my surprise, I found that the creators of these easy-to-clean bags are in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, not far from where I live now. We bought some, and they are useful. But I was still looking for those stainless steel boxes.

Fourteen years later, I walked into Green Fields Market, our local cooperative grocery store, and there on the shelf was not only a very similar box, but it came with a smaller container as well (!) I felt like telling everyone around me how exciting this was, but I only let it bubble over a little when I got to the cashier. She smiled.

Lunch containers

Crafts of Colrain Studio Tour

November 11, 2010

We’re busy preparing for the annual Crafts of Colrain Studio Tour this weekend. Read about the tour and the artists at:

I have new calligraphy work, original pieces and prints, Joe has some new photographs, and I’ve been making a small but eclectic collection of jewelry as well. One new piece is the Irish saying that begins, “May the road rise to meet you…” made in memory of Sean O’Connell of Colrain.

We are instituting a new event this year, since we usually aren’t open on Shabbes (the Sabbath), only on Sunday. This year we are offering a new event, a Preview Benefit for Temple Israel on Saturday evening, 7-10 p.m., after the end of Shabbes. A portion of all sales from this evening will be donated to Temple Israel.
Join us for art, refreshments and good company for an enjoyable evening.

Crafts of Colrain Summer Fair

June 24, 2010

Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy will be showing and selling work along with other Crafts of Colrain artists at this Summer Fair. It’s a great chance for an outing that combines art with local fruits and vegetables. The farmstand sells prepared food as well.

I will offer this collaborative work, Vegetable Seasonings, made with Audrey Arner, at the Summer Fair, combining the art and vegetables that will be for sale that weekend! Giclée print, framed, $50.

Recognition Awards

April 7, 2010

I designed a series of recognition awards with English and Hebrew texts for Denise Hametz, of Adir Gallery. Theses are ordered by congregations and organizations to honor volunteers, officers, donors and others with a meaningful gift. Shown here is one of the awards, which is personalized with text added on either side of the tree trunk. Contact Denise for more information, (732) 572-6393.


Giclée print of watercolor & gouache original

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