About this blog

I am a calligrapher, lettering in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian. I work on commission and also have a series of prints, cards, and other items for sale on my website, http://www.HebrewLettering.com. I design invitations and ketubot (marriage contracts), as well as many other kinds of projects. 

Why is it called Bat Mitzvah Blog? Many of the invitations I design are for a bat or bar mitzvah, and the title has a nice rhythm to it. It contains commentary that relate to invitations in general, and the events for which they are ordered; other posts relate to klezmer music, art and other interests.

Contact me at 413-624-3204 or phd@ganeydn.com about my art and music work. Visit my website at http://www.ganeydn.com

The “Books for Sale” section shows books on various subjects that I have available for sale, some about art but others on other topics.

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