After helping with a teen program that featured history of garment workers and “upcycling,” making things out of old clothes, this has become renewed interest of mine. There are many websites showing ideas of things to make. Pockets from old jeans is a favorite item of mine to use.

I began to make yarmulkes from upholstery fabric scraps. The examples shown here show the three styles: lower left, based on the pattern of the cloth or in this case, a vintage piecework hand-stitched onto the top, The three central ones have a design cut from cloth and hand-stitched onto the top made of the words: “Know before Whom you stand.” The one on the lower right has the same design machine-embroidered on it.
They are lined with cotton batik fabric.
There are more in my collection, and the most recent ones are basted together so they can be sewn to the customer’s size.
The ones with hand-stitched letters are 110.00, the machine-stitched 80.00 and a few others cost 60.00.

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